Aveyla Manta Village is the brainchild of Risheen and Sidey, two locals with a shared passion for the ocean. Both proprietors come from a diving background and have a combined total of thirty years of diving experience in the Maldives. Before opening Aveyla, they travelled far and wide throughout the Maldivian islands to find the perfect spot for the hotel. When they stood on the beach in front of where the hotel stands today, looking out towards Hanifaru Bay, they knew they’d found their place. From the beginning, Dharavandhoo felt like home and the team are committed to ensuring that the Aveyla ethos reflects that. The Aveyla group continually looks for ways to use the hotel as a vehicle for contributing to the development of the local community.


Aveyla Manta Village is located on the island of Dharavandhoo in Baa atoll. The island itself has a small domestic airport which serves flights throughout the day from the capital Male’. Simply make your way to the Maldives and catch a domestic connection. Flights take about twenty minutes and are run by both Maldivian Airlines and Flyme. We’ll then pick you up from the airport and you’ll be ready to begin your adventure. No sweat!

The hotel comprises sixteen spacious rooms over two floors, each tastefully decorated with minimal, modern interiors and equipped with double & twin beds, air-conditioning, ceiling fans and en-suite bathrooms. Each room embodies our vision to create peaceful, tranquil sanctuaries to return to after a day in the sun and the sea.


There are eight village view rooms in total. The four rooms downstairs open directly onto the hotel courtyard and its beautiful interior garden. The upper floor offers views of the island’s picturesque coral village and a chance to sleep amongst the palm trees. Doze off to the sound of the breeze amongst their fronds and awake with the knowledge that adventure awaits.


There are eight ocean view rooms in total. The four ground floor rooms, with large French windows, border the tropical beach. Those on the first floor can enjoy cosy balconies that open onto unparalleled views of the turquoise lagoon and endless ocean. Fall asleep listening to the gentle hush of the sea and awake to its dazzling glamour.

With an in-house spa, a 54-foot excursion boat, and our very own dive centre, there’s always something to do. However, with a secluded sun deck, private beach and boundless views of the Indian Ocean, you might just enjoy doing not very much at all. Whatever you choose to do, an Aveyla experience is always magical.


In terms of marine wildlife, there’s no doubt that Baa atoll is special. When declaring the region a biosphere reserve in 2011, the United Nations explained that the territory “harbours globally significant biodiversity in its numerous reefs and demonstrates a long history of human interaction with the environment”. As soon as you take a glimpse beneath the surface, you’ll understand what they mean. The reefs teem with life. The island’s house reef is home to a manta cleaning station where large numbers of mantas gather to allow cleaner wrasse to peck away at their skin. With Aveyla having their very own PADI dive centre , there’s no better portal to this underwater world.


If you’re not a diver, you’ll still be able to encounter incredible wildlife whilst snorkeling, especially in the world famous Hanifaru Bay. Just a five-minute boat ride away, this small bay is a wonder to behold. Between June and November this small inlet just comes alive. Due to the currents and the shape of the bay, the water traps high numbers of phytoplankton, which in turn attract an astounding concentration of manta rays hoping to feed on these microscopic creatures. What’s more, whale sharks are also known to frequent the bay to join the feeding frenzy. As diving is banned in this bay, snorkeling is the best and only way to experience it. Swimming amongst them and observing their feeding behaviour is one excursion you simply cannot miss!


As well as our daily dive trips, there’s a whole host of excursions to try out! Big game fishing, island hopping, dolphin safari, sunset cruising – everything’s possible at Aveyla. Feel like making a day of it? Why not opt for a full day trip filled with snorkeling, diving and picnic opportunities. It’s all here – we just need you!


Aveyla offers a range of non-motorised water sports, including stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and windsurfing. So why not grab a board and make the most of an afternoon in the lagoon? If you fancy something with a bit more pace, there is a third-party water sports centre on the island called Dharavandhoo Water Sports, which offers wakeboarding, jet skis and water skiing. Hop on board and get your heart rate going!


We love to showcase the best of Maldivian talents and as such we organise a weekly Maldivian Cultural Event, where local musicians, dancers and singers perform traditional Maldivian entertainment. Guests can enjoy the rhythmic singing and pounding of Bodu Beru – traditional drumming assemblies – and the frenetic dancing that accompanies it. We also organise regular disco nights for those who like to showcase their own moves! Finally, for those more relaxed evenings, we can organise movie screenings on our projector.


At Aveyla, we take any reason to party and we’d love to celebrate with you! Whatever your occasion – be it an intimate beachside wedding or an office incentive trip – we’d be delighted to make that happen for you.


For those of you who are trying snorkelling for the first time, we highly recommend that you opt for our introduction to snorkelling session. You’ll learn the basics of breathing through a snorkel, beating your fins and observing life underwater through your mask. These sessions make first time snorkelers much more at ease when they proceed to a snorkelling excursion


There are countless incredible snorkelling sites surrounding Dharavandhoo and our excursion boat visits them daily. Here, you’ll be able to observe an abundance of aquatic life, ranging from tiny shrimps to titanic manta rays. Reefs are often shallow and you can observe wonderful variations in coral species, such as large table corals, brain corals and beautiful soft corals.


Aveyla Manta Village is in a truly privileged location in that it overlooks the world famous Hanifaru Bay. Here, from June to November, hundreds of manta rays congregate to feed on the wealth of phytoplankton that gets trapped in the bay. For those who visit during that season, a visit to see this outstanding natural phenomenon is simply a must!


Dolphins are a species that are a pleasure to behold; their seeming lust for life, energy and playfulness is delightful. In the Maldives, we are lucky to surrounded by these enchanting creatures. The most common species is the spinner dolphin, which can appear in pods of up to 500. As their name suggests, they leap out of the water, spinning and twirling as they go. A cruise at sunset offers a very high chance of an encounter with these beautiful mammals. Enjoy a tropical sunset as you observe dolphins putting on a gymnastics performance and riding along the side of the boat


Maldivians have been fishing for millennia and they have become extremely good at it! With a simple hook and line, enjoy this ancient pastime and maybe even catch yourself some dinner! Guests often return to the hotel with a juicy snapper or mackerel in tow.


If you feel like grilling up the fish you caught on your sunset fishing cruise, you can always pass it over to the chef for him to prepare for you. However, if a barbeque takes your fancy, we can arrange for a fun evening on the beach, where you roast up your catch of the day and serve it to your loved ones!


If you a bit more into fishing than merely tossing a line overboard and you feel like you want to go for a bigger prize, then big game fishing is for you. Ask any Maldivian and he’ll tell you that the Maldives is the land of tuna and hooking a yellow fin tuna involves some serious muscle! There are also plenty of marlin and sailfish in our waters for you to chase as well as groupers and giant trevallies. If this takes your fancy, please contact us before your arrival so that we can make the necessary arrangements for your excursion. Please note: All shark fishing is illegal in the Maldives and we uphold this law strictly.


Many guests love to combine their excursions to extend the fun! So why not join a combination trip where you start off searching for dolphins as the sun sets, then after nightfall enjoy some reef fishing outside the lagoon and finally return to cook up your catch on the barbeque!


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be marooned on a desert island? The ocean spreads out in front of you, only a strip of sand with a few trees offers you shelter. On our Robinson Crusoe Experience, you live like stranded sailor for a few hours. We’ll drop you to a nearby sandbank with nothing but some refreshments and leave you to feel the emptiness of the sea.

2 person Share Diver


Nearby Aveyla is a gorgeous sandbank in the middle of the ocean and it’s the perfect setting for a midday picnic or an evening barbeque. Let us organise a meal of a lifetime in the most exotic location thinkable!


If you feel like making a day of it, why not put together your own itinerary. Try a snorkel in the morning, a sandbank lunch and sunbathe, then finish the day with a dolphin safari. It’s really up to you!


Dharavandhoo is an incredible example of Maldivian island living. What’s more, the island is surrounded by other beautiful communities. If you feel like exploring a little further afield, our island-hopping excursion is for you! Wander the streets of these inhabited islands and note the subtle differences between them. Meet the famed fishermen of Dhonfan or meander the quiet streets of Maalhos. Visit the atoll’s capital of Eydhafushi and observe the most populated island in the region.


If you feel like seeing what nearby resorts have to offer, then why not opt for a resort day visit. Within a short boat is a selection of upmarket resorts, where you can enjoy lunch, a swim and even an alcoholic beverage!

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