NAD (Formerly Nomad Adventure Divers) Resort is situated on 35,000m2 of land in a small private bay on Lembeh Island. Most of the land is dedicated to forest and the nature that lives there. This provides us with both a beautiful backdrop and a buffer from the surrounding villages.

NAD has been purpose built from the ground up to be a photographic friendly and comfortable family style resort, however over the last few years we have been pioneering the finding of many new species in the Lembeh Strait. We are the only operator to guarantee a 2:1 guest:guide ratio for our divers.

NAD does not often refer to itself as an eco-style resort, but we always make our decisions with the environment in mind. As standard we do not serve fish, but we will if you request it. We made the change to 4stroke engines early, and we also paid a premium for our electrical generators as they are among the most efficient in their class. We are currently 1 year into a monitoring program of our electrical consumption in preparation for switching over to solar power in the not too distant future.

NAD features 10 Poolside Rooms, 3 Seaview Bungalows and 2 newly renovated Executive / Family Bungalows. This gives us a maximum occupation of only 30 guests, which would then be spread out over upto 4 dive-boats. 3 dive boats are new (’12, ’13, ’14) and one is refurbished (’13). We also have additional boats available for private hire.

Our Pool and Jacuzzi combo is salt chlorinated, so it will not hurt your eyes or the environment with excessive chlorine based chemicals as used in other pools. You may have noticed that it is not overly large – we struggled to find anyone that likes to go for a swim in a pool on a diving holiday, and coupled that with the fact that swimming pools are a negative impact on the environment (chemicals, water consumption) – we opted for a pool that fitted our style and needs with the minimum ecological impact.


NAD features 10 Poolside rooms, 3 Seaview Bungalows and 2 Executive Bungalows.

Poolside Rooms have been renovated in 2012, and all have a view looking over the pool and our bay. The rooms feature Air conditioning, hot water rain style shower, hanging space, shelf space and a computer desk. Then either a king size double bed or 2 x full width single mattresses (130cm). These are the best rooms for people who do not like to walk far or do not like steps. They are 0.5m above High Tide Mark.

Seaview Bungalows are stand alone wooden style bungalows. They feature balconies that look over the bay from an elevated position and a slightly larger bathroom than the poolside rooms. They are 4m above High Tide Mark.

Executive Bungalows / Family Bungalows are the same wooden style bungalows with an additional day room on the side with extra bed. 1.5m and 4m above high tide.

Dive Facilities

NAD has 4 large purpose built dive boats, each at around 15m long they offer lots of space for the divers. They are powered by Suzuki 4 Stroke engines which are amongst the cleanest rated engines available.

Each has the following:

  • Toilet
  • GPS
  • Navigation Lights
  • Tank Log
  • Nitrox Analyzer
  • Spare SCUBA Equipment
  • Towels
  • Water
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Cake / Cookies / Snack
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Wetsuit hanging Space
  • Life Ring
  • Life Jackets
  • Wide Wooden Ladder
  • 2 Experienced Boat Crew (EFR O2 Trained)
  • Camera Rinse Tank
  • First Aid
  • Oxygen
  • NO Anchors! We hate them!

We have 3 Compressors on site and a Nitrox Membrane System. Our system uses massively oversized filtration, which actually cost the same as a whole new compressor! This gives us crisp dry air free from smell and contaminants.

We also have various cylinder sizes: 2litre, 3litre, 4.3 litre, 5.7litre, 7 litre, 9litre, 11.1litre and 13.2litre tanks are all on site. For those not too technical this is rebreather cylinders, Bailout Cylinders for tek diving, standard Aluminium 80cuft dive cylinders and also 100cuft ‘Big Tanks’ for people who use more air than their buddy.

Camera Room

The Camera Room has individual work stations, each with a dedicated light to check your orings, camera towels, spare parts shop and lots of charging space with international adapters. For those that have camera trouble there is also a drying cabinet to try and bring your camera back to life if it has got a little wet!

The Camera Room is just to the side of the restaurant, so it is convenient to charge your batteries and lenses before or after meals. Just outside the camera room are two rinse tanks and an airgun for those who like to dry their camera with pressurised air. We stock a selection of tools and also repair kits with O-rings and gears for Nauticam Housings.

We currently have 6 Nautical Housings on site including rental and personal equipment, 7 strobes, 8 video lights and various other accessories. Simon has been published in print numerous times, and his video work has been sold to a variety of international clients for use in TV shows relating both to Lembeh and general marine life.

Rebreather Room

Our Rebreather Room features space for 8 rebreather units to be assembled and disassembled. We have a stock of around 400kg of Sorb on site and also 2 Oxygen booster pumps. We also have 2 Poseidon Mk6 rebreather units, 1 rEvo and a Tek Scooter available for rental.

Floating Jetty

Our current Jetty allows all our dive boats to be moored simultaneously, avoiding wading through the shallows to get on the boats for the dive. This keeps our boats sand free and makes the entry to our boats dignified and quick.

The floating Jetty also has a nice area for people to hang their wetsuits to dry off between dives and provides the entry point for our house reef.

House Reef

The House Reef occupies a large area of our bay. We have 6 wrecks on the house reef, in varying states of reclamation by the sea. There are also coral blocks and steel rebar that have been re-encrusted with corals.

Under our Jetty there are seafans, schools of fish and some predatory fish looking for a meal. Out on the slope, various nudibranchs can be found along with octopus (wonderpus, starry night, reef, long arm, blue ring), cockatoo waspfish, frogfish and various cardinal fish.

Pool & Garden Area

The Pool and Garden area has cushioned sun loungers, day beds and areas with shade for you to relax between and after dives.

The pool is salt chlorinated to prevent sore eyes, and also to be gentle to the environment. The Jacuzzi features a strong pump, which provides power to the relaxing spa jets for a post dive back massage. There are also 4 Kayaks available to use just next to the pool area.

Our Gardens have various species of Frangipani, Bouganville and Hibiscus as theme, which is accented with over 30 species of Orchid and 20 Species of Chilli!

Aquaponic Greenhouse

Our Aquaponic Greenhouse occupies about 150m2 (1600sq ft) and in there we grow pesticide free organic leaf and fruit crops. We are already harvesting lettuce, rucola and mustard to provide European Style Salads for our guests. Tomatoes, Eggplant and cucumbers and various other crops are on the way. The Greenhouse is Aquaponically powered and as such is eco friendly as we are also growing fish to serve in our Restaurant. Our home grown Tilapia will be ready to harvest every 3 months and will lessen our impact on the seas by providing staff and guests with ecologically sustainable fish to eat. We have been making home made Pesto from our Basil Crops since May 2016.

Kitchen and Restaurant

Our Restaurant comfortably seats upto 40 people, although we never fill it that full. We serve most meals buffet style in the open air restaurant, rolling through various Asian dishes and then also adding in Pizza, Pasta, Burgers and other items. Our menu is MSG free.


  • Home Made Muesli and/or cornflakes etc
  • Fresh home-made baked bread (Rye or White)
  • Eggs to your style
  • Bacon / Sausage alternate each day
  • Alternating: Pain au Chocolat / Nasi Goreng / noodles / french toast / Croissant
  • Selection of Jams and spreads
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Free Flow Espresso, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate etc

  • Salad
  • Vegetable Dish
  • Fritter
  • Rice
  • Chick / Beef / Pork Dish
  • Fresh Fruits

  • Home Made Soup
  • Salad
  • Vegetable Dish
  • Fritter
  • Rice
  • Chicken / Beef / Pork Dish
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Home Baked Cake or Dessert

Outside of meal times our restaurant area is home style, with an honesty tab at the bar and ‘always open’ access to drinks/tea/coffee/espresso/ice.

Other Information:

  • Our Wifi Speed is 5mb/s and available in most locations in the resort.
  • Our water is from our well, and is sanitised to ensure it does not carry any microbes.
  • Our power is from our in house generating sets. 220v and stable. The power goes off for about 20 seconds, twice a day.
  • We do not use MSG in any of our food.
  • We pay a living wage to our staff. The minimum wage in North Sulawesi is 2.45million per month. All our staff are paid above this and face no deductions for transport or food. Sadly many people in N.S. are still paid less than 1 million per month.
  • All our staff receive health insurance for the worker, spouse and upto 3 children.
  • All our staff receive a company sponsored pension fund.
  • Our staff take 8 days off per month and also the national requirement of paid holiday leave per year.
  • Our staff are only required to work an 8 hour day. Work / Life balance is important. Work outside of the normal day (such as night dives, overtime, etc) is rewarded with overtime pay.
  • NAD is currently rated #2 resort/hotel in the Lembeh Strait according to Tripadvisor.

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